Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kuch Sher

Jab bhi dekha hai tumko mayoos paya hai,
Na Jaane Kin Ghamon ka tumpe saaya hai.
Kabhi humse bayaan karo hal-e-dil apna
Shayad apna laga jo abb talak paraya hai.

Sab Kuch loot ke aaye, tho kya kiya
Mere khaakh hone pe aaye, tho kya kiya.
Mitti ho gai hasti meri,
Tumne gulistaan sajaye, tho kya kiya.

Dil thod ke kehte ho ke jod lenge,
Haath Chhodd ke kehte ho ke thaam lenge.
Tere vaade pe jiye kaise sitamghar,
Qatl Karke kehte ho ke saanse denge.

Ye adawat, ye ashiqui, ye dillagi
Bahane unhe bhool jane ke
ye muskurahat, ye hassi, ye kushi
parde iss ghame ashiyaan ke

Monday, February 20, 2006


The days, The nights,
And moments of mindless fights.
The childish pranks, The mature talks,
And hand-in-hand our moonlight walks.

The highs, The lows,
And withstanding together life's blows.
The tears, The laughter,
And remembering them days after.

The feelings, the emotions,
And the heart's unfelt commotions.
The realization, the confession,
And that mindless, senseless elation.

The romance, The love,
And prayers to heaven above.
The purity, The beauty,
And days of happiness and gaiety.

The fate, The destiny
And that intervention of divinity.
The last handshake, The final bye
And the promise to never cry.

The time gone, The ways parted,
And still remember the times that lasted.
The love stays, The memories linger,
And darling u stay in my heart forever.