Sunday, June 25, 2006

Coming Together - KP Bangalore - Orkut

Been in Bangalore for more than 3 years and living alone was taking a toll on me. Even though I knew that this city does have a lot of Kashmiri Pandits, I hardly got to interact with anyone, especially among my own age group. Thanks to Orkut and then to the efforts of Snehal, I finally got to meet a few in person.

We all got together at the Forum on 18th of June. Though expecting a bigger number, we were 11 in total - ten guys and one girl. We all just hanged around together, introduced ourselves in Kashmiri – and that was real tough for some! It was really nice to see that all of us are either settling or have settled well into our careers. All of us felt the same need of being and staying together as one community. Helping each other and sharing our thoughts, ideas and passions. The sense of belonging that we all had felt missing, returned to smile at us. Also, we decided to keep having such get-togethers going on in future and also hoped that next time the numbers would swell from 11 to as many as possible. The next get together was decided for 9th of July at Lalbagh. Our only aim is to see all of us coming together and interacting with each other, having fun, going on outings, and developing the sense of bonding and friendship that our community lacks.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Udupi Trip

The day : Friday, 12th May 2006.
The time : 10:30 PM

11 of us, all office guys got together, the reason being a colleague's wedding (God bless him !!!! if u know what i mean ;) )....boarded the tempo traveller (which incidentally had been late by 2 hours) and set off for the journey.....
Half an hour later, another friend joined in...and that completed the group.... he lightened our hearts when we saw a fresh yet to be opened 6 yr old wine bottle in his hands ;) mouth started watering already...dont know why i suddenly felt thirsty ;)....Around midnight we stopped over for dinner...and of course whats dinner without a lil bit of beer ;) got our stomachs totally full and then embarked on the journey.......and soon everyone got snoring....

We reached Udupi at around 10 in the into our rooms, and by 12 got ready ....had breakfast and embarked on a trip to St Mary's Island....Its a small Island somewhere in the arabian sea.....We first had to reach this beach called ...........errr....what was the name .....oh God !!! my memory :(( ..... well whatever it was if u want to go jst remember St. Mary's Island, the beach name is incidental...not neccessary :p ;)...... so reached this beach by road, then got a streamer that took us to the island.....ahh what a journey it was my first ever travel in a streamer.....look around and u jst see water....spreading and flowing in every possible direction......fighting and gushing within....creating waves and ripples all along....mocking at us....humogonous and intimidating, makes u wonder how it would be if u are left all alone with him...... It was just an awesome sight to behold !!!! Finally reached St Mary's and the first thing that stikes u are those uniquely shaped rocks.....again that vast expanse of ocean all around inviting u....intimidating u .......jst a spectacle to behold...Mother nature at its beastful best !!!! (One thing that i disliked was that the island was littered with cans, plastics, broken bottles and stuff ....God!!! when will we learn to keep nature clean !!!! ) Played in water for sometime....and then decided to move back......

Reached back to hotel at around 4:00 and decided to have a nap......i guess at around 7 we woke up and then went to Krishna Temple ( the most famous in Udupi )... since entering there required us to take of our shirts and baniyans, i decided against it is m not a temple going person ;)....saw the golden its just awesome....whole chariot made of just gold good !!!!!! Came back and moved around in the town a bit....i liked what i saw....Udupi is a small town, has that old world charm, nothing flashy or glossy like malls and stuff....jst those old type houses and shops.....kind of going back to roots stuff :).....Jst one negative...the it really sucks!!!!!
Came back...and then another small nap.....arnd 10:30 got together and then the party began ;).....u know what i mean dont u ;)....The wine bottle finally opened....white wine it was :).... and of course beer had to follow ....had dinner in the room itself......It was Hemant's birthday, so celebrated that by cutting a cake !!! ...finally went to sleep at 12:30.....

Sunday Morning got ready for the marriage....(that was the primary objective of going case u forgot :) ).....Went there, saw my friend finally seeing the last moments of bachlerhood slip away and that too with a smiling face ;)...... One thing i really like about South Indian Marriages is the pompousness, no showoffs, no ego trips like in really felt good.....had lunch and decided to move back to bangalore...... Of course we kept beer for company all along....and at 10:00 PM reached bangalore....... tired, exhausted but very very happy !!!!!