Sunday, February 25, 2007


Still remember the day as a kid of eleven
I first saw you greeting my ankle
Small and pure white, I wondered at you
Oblivious of the bearing you would have forever.

You started gaining control
Winning all the fights that we put
The worry passed on to me and I began to feel sick
And found ways to hide you under-cover.

Feeling of inferiority I felt
Those looks of people and sympathy of unknowns
I began to retrace into a shell
And the hatred for you grew stronger.

The so-called loved ones
Showed their back and walked away from me
The same me was an insult to them
And found newer ways to see me never.

Then I began to realize
What true love really meant and what society was about
The dreamer, the emotional fool in me died
And new I emerged much stronger.

Freedom I felt
From the opinions of the world and their ways
The realization that you are your own best friend
And nothing in this world lasts forever.

I embraced you
For because of you I realized my true self
You gave me much more than you took away
And I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I shudder when I imagine
What I would have been without you
My guide and my friend, you my vitiligo
Till end comes, don’t leave, we stay together.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Last Promise

Walking bare feet on that lush green grass
Under the shimmering moonlight
I held your hand and felt you close to me.

Comfort in the uneasiness of our hearts
In the emotions that we never felt before
For once love talked and we listened.

Not a word spoken, not a hush made
Yet in silence we heard each other say
Promise you, I will never walk away.

Time though had some other plans
We were never meant to be one
And that night was to be our last.

Today, when I think of that starry night
I feel you as I see you in my heart
And a smile graces my lips.

Small droplets form shape in my eyes
These tears of joy that pain has given
The pain of being with you yet so afar.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A mind with ideas great
A heart filled with love for mate.
And you form words to express these.
But then,
What do you do to the words,
That silence in you speaks?

Blaring horns into the ear
Shouting voices through the air.
And you shut your ears and your eyes.
But then,
What do you do to the noise,
That emptiness in you wails and cries?

Deep wounds through the skin
Painful memories kept within.
And you heal and time forgives.
But then,
What do you do to the pain,
That happiness in you gives?

Cheap tricks of people around
Selfish motives made to look sound.
And you detest them and their deeds.
But then,
What do you do to the hatred,
That love in you breeds?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Adhoori subah, adhoori shaam
Adhoore din, adhoori raat.
Ye kaisa waqt hai chala
Adhoori maut, adhoori hayaat.

Adhoori aankhein, adhoore khwaab
Adhoore hoth, adhoori pyaas.
Ye kaisa wajood hai mera
Adhoori dhadkan, adhoori saans.

Adhoore ehsaas, Adhoori aahein
Adhoori khushi, Adhoore ghum.
Ye kaisa rishta hai hamara
Adhoore tum, adhoore hum.