Thursday, March 27, 2008


Moments collected in the lap of time
Carefully preserved, nurtured
Like a seed carefully nourished to grow
Into the tree that dreams made

With colored love of self
The cradle rocked in hands
That gave life only to ensure
Wings of their desires fulfilled

Each swing of the cradle accompanied
Another step towards that castle
Built long before that oblivious seed
Slept serenely in the womb

This castle of stealth never apparent
Even to the owners who guarded
Ignorant but fearful they
Counted with trembling hands

Each innocent baby step of yours
Build the path to their castle
Every small touch of yours
Painted the walls of their castle

And as you grew in their eyes
So did their eyes grew
Slowly; as your path led you
Away from their castle

The womb ached and cried betrayal
Hands hardened with anger
Slapped destiny on you
The womb demanded payback