Friday, January 19, 2007


They say you are fat
No feminity, no tact.
Like a ball you are growing
Look how beauty in us is flowing.

You look at them and wonder
Was your creation some kind of blunder.
Inferior you start feeling within
As if being fat is a big sin.

They dont know who really is you
Nor do they know you when you are blue.
All they see is how you look outside
Would you be fun on the bedside.

They are fools and so become you
Like an animal caged in zoo.
In trying to follow their dictum
Loose yourself to them, become their victim.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Everytime you take his name
My heart skips a beat
Everytime you talk of peace
In a shell do I retreat.

I am not the jealous kinds
Nor the one who would envy
The thought of you back to him
Scares the hell out of me.

You are mine, yet his
This truth hurts every day
Within me I feel you
Yet you are so far away.

Sometimes I want to destroy
All that we have had
But a life without you
Looks totally dead and sad.

What have you done to me
And what now do I do?
Life without you was hell
And life with you too.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Without You

Without you,
Roses are still red but devoid of fragrance,
Birds do sing but the songs of sadness.
Rivers do flow but the water looks stale,
Mountains look green but the colour is pale.

Without you,
Stars still twinkle but nights are darker,
Sun does shine but the days are shorter.
Wind still blows but the air is humid,
Rain still falls but the feel is vapid.

Without you,
Parties every night but no dance partner,
Sex without bindings but the heart emptier.
Friends in plenty but no shoulder to cry on,
Loads of independence but no hand to hold on.

Without you,
Past left behind but present bleeds,
Smile on my face but the heart weeps.
Life has moved on but future stuck just as,
I haven't stopped living but my soul has.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

SAVE A LIFE !!!! – An Appeal

17 Lakhs!!!!

Does this amount ring a bell? Do you see bundles of 1000 rupee notes? Does it make you wonder how many years would it take for you to accumulate this amount all by yourself?

If yes, then you can also wonder on the enormity of the task for a single mother who has to accumulate the same amount in a matter of DAYS if she has to save her 10 year old son from the fatal jaws of death.

The mother in question is Mrs. Kusum Handoo and the 10 year old boy is Atul Handoo, who right now is struggling with Leukemia and the doctors at Delhi have suggested an immediate bone marrow transplant either at TATA in Mumbai or Vellore Hospital, Chennai. The cost of the transplant is a whopping 17 lakhs.

We are making an effort to collect money to give this single mother a helping hand and some hope that her innocent child can get a chance to see the colors of life. We therefore request you to contribute to this noble cause. Contributions can be made to the accounts mentioned below. We also request you to take the message forward to your friends and family so that a bigger audience can address the cause. Please treat this urgent as there is not much time left and every small effort to the cause counts.

Contributions can be made directly, using any of the following modes –

1. Savings A/C # 5932 in the name of Mrs. KUSUM BHAT
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.
A-17 Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi-110024 ( INDIA)

Checks OR Demand Drafts drawn in favor of Mrs. Kusum Bhat A/C # 5932
and mailed to
Mrs. Kusum Bhat
C/o Rajiv Munshi
105, Lower Ground, Vinobhapuri,
Lajpat Nagar-II
New Delhi 110024, India


Bankers Detail
American Express Bank Ltd.,
Swift AEIBUS33, F/O J & K Bank Ltd. Account No. 00197723


Beneficiary Bank Account Name and No:

SAVING A/C No: 5932
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.A-17 Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi-110024 ( INDIA)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Garden of roses, beautiful and fragrant
And he tried to bring them to her.
Plucked a rose from the fragrant bush
And he rushed the present to her.

She smiled as she held the rose
But a painful sigh overcame her face
A thorn pierced her gentle finger
And she threw the rose on his red face.

To see his lady smile was his motive
Carefully had he removed each thorn
But alas! The one scoundrel remained
And all she saw was only that thorn.
And all that remained was only that thorn!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Greedy minds, selfish motives
Maddening rat-race.
Trampled dreams, stabbed backs
The black face.

Twisted morals, weakened souls
Faith on peril.
Corrupted minds, lusty eyes
Reign of evil.

Thoughtless actions, mindless destruction
Life sold on penny.
Hungry children, raped women
Shame left not any.

Muted voices, deafened ears
The blindfolded eyes.
Shameless audience, indifferent us
Madness on the rise.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

How Do I

I was alone and lost
in unknown paths totally hopeless
And then,
You held my hand.
How Do I let that hand go my friend,
How Do I?

I was empty inside
devoid of all feelings of love
And then,
You hugged me with love.
How do I let that feeling go my love,
How do I?

I was a lifeless soul
immovable like a dead corpse.
And then,
You kissed me to life.
How do I let that life go my soul,
How do I?

I was nothing without you
and now you ask me to move on.
Leave you and go on.
How do I leave me from myself,
My friend, my love, my soul
How Do I?
How Do I?


Droplets of fresh morning dew
Trickling down the leaves
And I tried to fill my pot.
Years of wait, my pot filled
And I run to drink it all.
But Alas! This pot now stinks
Stale and rotten, deathbed of insects
All the freshness gone.
And I bewildered, left thirsty for more.