Friday, April 18, 2008

I want to BE

Lost to time
Blank like a zombie
Clouds hover over my head
Hands could never see

Wave them off they blur
My vision into darkness
Let me be here for a while
In my world of ignorance

For your world seeks to drink
My blood and my soul
Push me into a shell
Cage me into that pigeon hole

Let me say the final goodbyes
To you and to time
For now it doesn’t matter anymore
Neither ridiculous nor sublime

So don’t come to me
For there is nothing to offer
Stop digging and poking me
Silence has emptied my coffer.

And now, I just want to BE
Exist for no reason at all
A rock stoic and unmoved
Come winter, come fall.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Growing Tall

Standing at the start
after the end of beginning
walk begins on the new path
chosen for you

and you walk....

on the rosebeds of love
through the thorns of hate

Oceans call out on you
to a new island of greneery,
of life....

Emotions like waves start engulfing
blurred visions begin to clear
as heart begins to smile

The familiar begins to creep in
But with a freshness anew
the swim becomes a pleasure
and you float

dreams, hopes, castles, desires
and everything beautiful
in future beckons

The fear of being drowned again
slowly and slowly dies
and when u think -
nothing could go wrong
that path takes a u-turn

And then you find yourself
back again where you started
the cycle completes itself...

And then you wonder
why did it ever have to start?
Whether you moved a step forward
Or was it a step back?

But then my friend,
the question isnt about progress
for the time is still
doesnt move at all.
And all that ever matters is -

Did the I shorten
Did he grow tall?