Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My gain

The night today is so quiet
Something it seems has changed
The heart and mind is playing riot
Is missing you for life ordained?

Those starry nights as I recall
Of hours that we spent in sharing
Our lives, our thoughts, our call
And little bit of that mind reading.

The stars still twinkle, the moon as bright
The wind still blows in the same way
But I am suffering this fright
Of loosing you forever, one black day.

It’s as tough on me, as it’s on you, my dear
This separation from you and this pain.
But matter does it not for you are always near
Your inner happiness, will be my only gain.


(ACR is the annual performance appraisal in our company. Today it was done for me. Here are my thoughts)

ACR is the name of the game
When the bosses get to blame
For the acts you committed not
Competently incompetent you are thought.

All your confidence is put to test
Prove to them if you’re the best
At talking and stalking on your team
Balancing yourself on a breaking beam.

I will hasten not going back
Was cornered into the rack
ACR was a challenge alright
But me is on a joyful flight

Happy with my job until now
The client gave an appreciative bow
It was more of a status update
Guess quite good they will rate

Me knows no good or bad
Corporate life is crazy mad
For showing I performed was a grind
Sometimes it serves to have no mind


Have i impressed thy lady
With my deep emotions, some shady
The poet in me is to the fore
Feelings are shooting off the core

Me is not to question thee
For in my heart resides she
Has not moved me but my soul
Happiness for her my only goal

Ah the kiss, an act so profound
Surprised, i am, falling on ground
Stars do I see in broad daylight
Move me, if u may, with all ur might

You and Them

Live for others for how long
Life is nothing but a beautiful song
Sing it in your way, your own tune
Let ur spirits soar to the moon

Caged will you stay like this forever
For once, force urself, be a trier
See how the winds of gloom change
Flowers will bloom till the distant range

Telling you a fact, not fiction my dear
Pain you will continue to bear
As long as you believe in not what you think
Scared of their stares lest the eyes blink

The life you have is god's gift
Never let it go,let it drift
For you are your own best friend
Don't quit, standup and defend.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I have seen THEE

(This poem is for my nephew - Parth)

First of august was the date
When God sent us one of his mate
Descend did he when stars twinkle
Seeing him made our eyes sparkle

Lost in the beauty of his face
Forgot the sense of time and place
Small and beautiful his whole being
Fall in love who wouldn't on seeing

Smile he does so fresh and pure
Dead come to life without cure.
Looking at us with those tiny eyes
Mocking was he at our deceit and lies.

Joy he brought hitherto unknown
Worries and sorrows have all blown
Happiness for us has new definition
Time it is for maddening celebration.

Cuddled in my lap as he goes to sleep
Satisfaction I feel so profound, so deep
The touch, the feel of the hands so petite
Heaven and earth, it seems do meet.

Sleep does he with that serenity
As if talking, he is with divinity
Ask no more where God is, who is he
For I have in him, seen THEE.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Sitting here on life's fourth stage
Trapped I am in this dark iron cage
Built by rules I was never to decide
Bullied into them as I tried to hide.
Strengthened by people called own
Saw them hitting my softest bone.
Painted with selfishness camouflaged as love
Trampled me by showing the white dove.
Blacked it out with rules I had to follow
Said it was for my bright tommorrow.

Searching myself in this darkness
I find my life totally lifeless
Lost and confused my identity I question
Travelling I am with no destination.
Happiness or sadness matter no more
Lifelessness has won over my core.
Excitement looks at me with strange eyes
Turns away as another hope dies.
Freedom I seek from this desperation
I Pray to god for my annihilation.