Friday, August 31, 2007


She puts on her best dress
and the shining red lipstick to impress
With matching jewellery to go
She readies herself to show.

She talks to herself, boastfully sings
Praising the image that she imagines
All women will be red and fuming
And men would ogle like dogs lavitating.

Happy in her own image she tip toes
But before she goes
Around she turns to admire
Herself in the mirror

Moments pass...
A crash echoes through the room
As the glasses suffer the doom
For she couldnt stand to suffer
The sight of the ugly mirror.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Tere bin kaise jiyunga nahi jaanta
Parr intezaar rahega tera qayamat takk.

Tumhe door takk doondenge meri nazren
Aas rahegi tumhari meri saansein doobne takk.

Katenge jo pal tumhari yaad mein
Unhe sajaaonga mai apni kabr takk.

Hai ye ahadh betaab ka tumse
Rahoge tum mere khayalon mein taa umr takk.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Kya Hua

Kya hua gar mayoos hai ghum-e-dil
Kahin tho koi chehra hasta hoga.

Kya hua jo sirf kaante hai daaman mein
Kahin tho koi gulshan mehakta hoga.

Kya hua jo sitare chod gaye andheron mein
Kahin tho koi diya roshan hua hoga.

Kya hua jo raahein hai akeli sooni
Kahin tho koi kafila badta hoga.

Kya hua gar jannat naseeb nahi betaab
Kahin tho koi darr khula hoga.

Monday, August 20, 2007


In the vast expanse of this universe
From the depth of the oceans
To the heights of the highest of peaks
There was nothing and will be nothing
For all that exists is illusion of something
That you hold so dear to you was never yours
For before you and long after you are gone
Remains something that turns into nothing
And what you hold dear as everything,
germinates from nothing.

A Smile

A Smile, the white smile
that silently walks across the innocent lips,
of a sleeping baby.
Shrouded in mystery of unknown,
of the world that belongs only to him,
a world of pure bliss and beauty.

A Smile, the grey smile
that jumps to the fake crying lips,
of the little boy.
Who gets the toy he so much tricked for,
his first step towards learning,
the art of deceiving.

A Smile, the gold smile
that shines through the greedy lips,
of the man.
Victory of fulfilling one greed
out of the thousands that he cherishes,
only to add a some more.

A Smile, the blue smile
that slowly emerges from the beautiful lips,
of the lover.
When the cupid strikes and life,
seems a beautiful love story,
untill the fate bell rings and truth is out.

A smile, the red smile
that hides the truth of the cunning lips,
of your so called friend.
Who waits for the time to be ripe,
when it would hurt the most,
stabs your back with one swipe.

A smile, the black smile
that colours my quiet placid dry lips,
when you smile.
Tells the tale of you and me,
What it was and what it could be,
I was never you,
And you never me.

A smile, the colourless smile
that no one sees coming to the dead lips,
when you are gone.
A smile that says it all ended,
A smile of life assimilated,
No colour would again be needed.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Head burns in fire of bloodlust
Arms ache from death blows
She sees her body been coloured
Veins broken, white blood flows.

Her smiles lost in cries of pain
For her children die of hunger
And saviours she entrusted them
Feast on their skin, become deadlier.

Demons walk the streets freely
Rule on every spec of your life
You are not safe from them
Nor your children, or your wife.

The mother wails in silent agony
Slaved for you are blithe
Every day dying a slow death
Prosperity and happiness; just a myth.

But then, who cares let us rejoice
For we live only for today
Enjoy, make merry, have fun; it's
Happy Independence Day

Monday, August 13, 2007


Hai girebaan takk pahunchne ke unki koshish
Dekhein kitna nazdeek hum jaate hai.

Hai qatl karne ki hume unke nighahon ne thaani
Dekhein kitni der aur nazar milate hai.

Hai pareshan woh hamari fursat-e-hastee ko dekhkar
Dekhen kitne saal aur hum jee jalate hai.

Hai muflisi mein kati ye shaam-e-betaab ki
Dekhein kitne sadiyaan aur subah na aati hai.

When, Where, How?

that fairy who once cradled
The dreams of life, beauty and glory
Has deserted the beign
Walked away swiftly; suddenly
When, where, how?

that child who once ran
Through naked roads of bliss
In beauty of innoncence
Burned to ashes of the world; quietly
When, where, how?

The rose that bloomed
In the gardens of divine purity
Withering seasons and ages
Succumbed to guilty passions; knowingly
When, where, how?

A coming of age perhaps
Or the signs of death
Of the human that once lived.
Nothing excites,
No hope beckons,
No love lives,
Lost soul leased to time,
When, where, how?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Perfect I

Topsy turvy muddy paths of plains,
Ever weakning soil of the majestic mountains,
Thorns piercing through beautiful flowers
Sand ridden beaches of the magnificient sea;

Faint darkness of the sunny bright day,
Starry brightness of the pitch dark night,
Deep crators fill the beautiful moon
Hot ball of fire is your life boon.

Imperfections like these and many more
Every beauty having a part to abhor
Even mother nature has imperfection
I wonder what makes you seek perfection.

No matter how hard you try,
fret, fume and sigh
There never was nor will ever be,
a perfect I

Please dont

(This small piece is dedicated to Ruben and Pradeep (MY POET COMMUNITY) whom I have been frustrating with factory production of poems past few weeks..........)

No No, please dont hit me
I know You want to beat me
But trust I didnt do on purpose
This is the effect of ZONE curse.

I know not what and how I feel
For I too am surprised with this zeal
Of writing that never seems to stop
My thoughts flow from the source on top.

Who has been directing me to vent
All the frustrations that hell is bent
On making me feel through night and day
But somehow I am loving it this way.

So please dont fret and fume my friend
This road does never have an end
Your time will also come just wait
After all it just takes one smile of fate.

No Blame

The signs were already there,
I chose to ignore them
The writings were on the wall
I chose not to read them

Sometimes the pain was too much to bear
I chose to not heal it
Sometimes the happiness in me was fake
I chose not to accept it.

Time presented me with lot of oppurtunities
Tried to show me the true picture
I chose to draw my own image
In an effort to defy the age old scripture.

That you dont get beyond what you deserve
There is something much bigger called destiny
So why then should I blame you for my mess
When fate ordained me to go through this misery.

Like a fish

Like a fish freshly taken out of sea
Desperate to go back;
Was my hope desperate for you.

Like the desperation that makes the fish shiver,
Turn upside down, flip and flop,
Trying to survive on her last reserves,
Just for a second more;
Was how desperate hope made me for you.

And when all the struggle finally looses its strength
when she finally gives up that last breath
The sea that she so much longed for,
The sea that so much meant to her,
Looses its meaning to death;
So has your "I love you", lost on me.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mere fanaah.....

Mere fanaah hone ke thee unko bhi umeed
Tabhi tho aaye milne woh phool lekar

Hua afsoos ke abhi bhi zaanu pe khada hun
Tabhi tho chal diye aankon mein woh aansu lekar

Hum bhi na kahte baat ye jo unse kahi
Agar woh na rote mohabbat ke duhai dekar

Tha unka ghuman hamare garoor se ru ba ru
Varna thaam na lete unhe hum haath badakar

Chalo jo hua ab shiqwa kis baat ka karen
Jab manzoor nahi khuda ko, ho mera woh humsafar


He talks to me at unearthly hours
Just when the world sleeps and I lie awake
He talks to me in the crowd
about the other world, the life beyond.......

He makes me fly through the dreamy sky
and at times throws me back on ground
He makes me smile in pain
and at times shows me the loss in gain....

He talks incessantly, blabbers a thousand words
Most of them nonsense, and sometimes sense
And then there are times when
He just keeps silent,
unsettling and unnerving me....

He is within me yet not me
Perhaps the real person I am
Or the one that I could be
He seems to be my alter ego
The reflections of whom only I see......

So fulfilling yet emptier he leaves me
Further into an abyss of unknown that he seeks
For beyond the realm of my sight,
To the deepest corner of my being
He knows each and every cell of my body.....

Hidden from everyone yet visible,
Like a friendly ghost who stalks
So empty yet so full, a being
of nothingness yet everything
He fuels the soul of my imagination
He, who is me yet a stranger,
this empty yet fullsome void..........

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another day

White morning breaks the black night
I vigourously rub on the unrelenting eyes
Mind fights against the will of the heart
And as always, the mind wins.

The dusty, murky, noisy roads greet me
Screeching and repulsive sounds deafen me
Till I reach the den of the thousand animals,
whose blind ego walks on paths they dont see.

Time passes and this den comes to life
With the dead that walk around pretending,
Outdoing and outwitting each other in this game
Of quiet, skillful, aesthetic blood sucking.

The grey evening beckons me out of this den
But to the same old roads that never keep quiet
Then I reach my abode with an aching back
Sometimes to empty walls, sometimes to emptiness.

Hours pass as the grey evening walks back
To sleep into the pitch black night
The eyes slowly close as the body begins to wane
Another day thus wasted, standing in success lane.

To God

They say you are omnipresent
And you know all that is deep inside
Then why should I go to temples
And beg you to be the guide.

All the wrongs that I did
And all the small things right
If they came only from you
Then why is there this neverending fight.

This battle within myself
Confrontation of good and evil
When you are the Good in me
And you created the devil.

I lay claims on everything I made
But they say it comes from you
Then why should I be put to test
When it is all predetermined by you.

Looking down from beyond those seven skies
Where you sit on your golden throne
You hold the thread that you have tied
And direct this puppet to tickle your funny bone.

What if I refuse to comply
Break these strings of slavery
But then wouldnt it be your will again
Of succumbing me to this meek bravery?