Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Kite

She flows high into that inviting blue sky
Dances with wind as he kisses her skin
In gay abandon she lives to be free
And begins to believe in her immortality.

The false pride begins to seep in
In her superiority, fooled into believing
That no power,heaven or earth
Could cut the flight of this rebirth.

She keeps drinking the ego poison
Then she loses that last bit of reason
In her own infallibility she begins to fall
And just then does the owner recall.

In few seconds that fantasy flight ceases
Crestfallen on ground she shreds into pieces
The freedom she thought was her right
Was slaved to the thread her owner had tied.

Hold me

The cracks in the wall are widening,
The nails of time piercing
Deeper and deeper as resistance gives way
The practised smile of ages walks away.

Concealed within this empty heart
The pain of living rips me apart
My fakeness is loosing its colour
I am in disarray, complete disorder.

Ages have passed since I last slept
That peace of mind slowly crept
Away from me as truth of world prevailed
In every dream of victory, I failed.

Still holding on to something unknown
You perhaps, for only you have known
That every second I live to die
Please hold me, I dont want to cry.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dope Shot

That rule of the second
When time froze and,
the brain stopped working
you became a living dead.

You blabbered incessantly,
Your walk incoherent
All the world turned upside down
Time independent life, nothing left to repent.

The dope shot seeped into you
In trance you lost all your sense
Then what followed was mayhem
Everything became past tense.

Just one dope shot it was
Though you never realized
Its impact lasted a lifetime
Though you now look surprised

Nothing can be undone now
For all thats left is destruction
The dope shot of anger leaves
no room for resurrection.

The magnifying lens

You twitch your eyes, focus hard
On those small-font words
That crawl like ants
On the pages of the book of your life
And you look for the magnifying lens.

You scan through every word in detail
Decipher hidden codes,
Read between the lines,
Try to make sense of what has gone by
In Legitimizing all your wrongs
In seeing false as your truth
even the crystal clear lens gets blurred.

As you confront the horrors of past
Your every effort of deceiving yourself
Of trying to find that image of truth
That you so much loved and cherished.
Untruth and deceit that you so lived by
Shake you body and they shake your soul
The lens you once held with hope
Breaks into a million pieces.

For there exists a far more powerful lens in you,
That never really lies, nor ever gets blurred
That you so dearly guard and keep wrapped
In the darkness that fuels your false ego
That magnifying lens is your heart,
he deciphers every minute cell of your soul.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Well

I crawl,
Parched, Starved, Thirsty
In vast barren desert land
with no sight of humans,
Nor animal, domestic or wild
Nor any shady tree to rest under.
The scorching sun, my sole company
burning my back, cracking my skin,
Peeling of those once soft
silken layers of grace....

I gather my last reserves for a final surge,
lift myself on the shaking arms, to see afar
As afar as these sand ladden eyes can;
To find a drop of water, my only hope
My searching eyes fix on that well
Old and deserted since ages it seems
Far like continents that I once wanted to win
A rush of energy runs through my veins,
hope perhaps;
And I crawl faster.....

Time passes like minutes,
which actually I guess are days
I reach that well,
Cling on to the walls,
as hope pulls me up, makes me stand
And then walks away
The well stares at me,
Dry and empty.......

Hope betrayed, Endurance gives way
and I fall back on ground,
famished, destroyed........

Ages pass and I dont leave that well
For I dont have the strength to move on
The fear of loosing again
makes me cling to that empty well
Even though i know fully
That it would never bear water
I still cling on it,
from an unreasoned, unsatisfying hope;

And then I see that angel coming...

She holds my hand, that gentle touch
She smiles at me, lifts me up
Nurses me, feeds my hunger
Makes me stand firm again
I begin to live again
I feel human again.
And just when I want her even more,
When my need for her crosses the limitless sky
When I get used to those soft tender hands
She takes her hands away
History repeats itself,
And I go back to where it all began.
Even though she walks away
That dry, empty well remains....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bas Ek Baar

Betaab raaton mein hun mai tanhai se baatein karta
Ke door hua tho kya, tu mere dil mein hai basta
Jis aag mein mai hun usi aag mein hai tu julasta
Phir kyun nahi tere naam se mera naam hai judta?

Din ke ujale mein jab mai kaam mein ulja rehta
Tu zehan ke kone se hai mujhse ye kehta
Tu mere ehsaas ko hai apne pyar se sajaata
Phir kyun nahi tere naam se mera naam hai judta?

Jab maazi ke zakhmo ka hisaab hai mujse hayaat leta
Jab dard ke woh lamhe phir mera dil hai yaad karta
Meri dil se uthi har tees ko tera dil mehsoos karta
Phir kyun nahi tere naam se mera naam hai judta?

Har khushi ka lamha hai adhoora mujhe chod deta
Har muskurahat meri hai ghum judai ka chupata
Meri hassi mein chupa dard sirf tu hee hai jaanta
Phir kyun nahi tere naam se mera naam hai judta?

Akeli rahoon mein hai gul bhi raigistaan dikhta
Tere bin mera jeena hai bekaar lagta
Aa meri zindagi tu mil mujhe, hai mera wajood tarasta
Bas ek baar kehde tere naam se mera naam hai judta.
Bas ek baar.....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lost In Translation

The love that we feel running through our veins
The happiness we get when hearts win over brains
The joy of inventing something after years of toil
The anger of betrayal that makes our blood boil.

Feelings like these and many more
Moments that pass never to encore
Moments of lows, moments of highs.
A small spark that touches our lives.
Moments like these are far and few
But these build the person called you.

And when you try to capture anew
The essence of the person that is you
Words fail to do a decent justice
Even though you may have years of practice.
Words can only describe how the world perceives you
But beyond words is the one that resides in you.

Like a foreign language book that conveys the story
Yet somehow looses the native's essence and beauty
Words that describe you is just an imagination
For the real you is somewhere lost in translation.


When they blame you
and make their guilt your shame
When they doubt you
and give you derogatory name;
Look within yourself,
There is more to you than just a name.

When they paint you
and fit you in fixed frame
When they scare you
and on you put all the blame;
Feel within yourself a light burns,
Light of your soul, the neverending flame.

When they hurt you,
and make you feel lame
When they betray you
and say its all in the game;
Hear within yourself, HE says
"I love you, not your money and fame".

Friday, July 06, 2007

Collective Wonder

An age where you wonder
not because your heart felt
a rush of blood at the sight of beauty,
But because your heart stopped feeling

An age where you wonder
not because eyes didnt stop blinking
at the disbelief of seeing something supernatural,
But, because your eyes got used to seeing.

An age where you wonder
not because of your own instincts
that come from something more profound, more deep,
But, because your mind got used to planning

An age where you are
pleaded, cajoled, warned
To vote, To select, To Identify
The wonders of the world.

This is the age you enter
my friend;
The age of "collective wonder".