Thursday, May 31, 2007


Walk away from me,
Detest my sight,
Leave me alone if you want.
But I wait,
Till I become the water
And run into each cell of ur body,
bathe that filthy skin of yours.

Clip my wings,
Rein in my flight
Do as you please
But I wait,
Till I become the air
And seep through the tiniest pore
of these intimidating blind walls.

Take away my land,
Cut my feet to pieces,
Give me sufferings.
But I wait,
Till I become the soil
And spread my reach all over
world would be my home.

A victim of your guilts,
Personification of your fears,
You want me dead.
But I wait
Till you succeed,
and I live forever,
In mother nature,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thousand Square Feet

man, Oh! MAN
I, Me, Myself
a stranger to oneself

cries, he CRIES
Understands me no one
inner search never begun

runs, tiring RUNS
after fame and fortune
to sing to nature's tune

figts, bloody FIGHTS
for a land thousand square feet
on a bed twenty square feet.

possessions, many POSSESSIONS
clinging on to the chest
empty handed when put to rest.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting Naked

Ages ago I lived
as a naked soul,
It scared you.
And you covered me
with a gold coloured veil

You said it is for my protection
from the scorching sun,
the chilling winds
and the maddening rains
And my innoncence trusted you

Days passed and years came
and then came centuries
And with each passing day
More veils I wore

And you laughed out loud
While my soul cried and missed
the sweet kiss of morning sun
that warmed his face,
the feel of the chilling winds
that seeped through his pores,
the dance of the mad rains
that bathed his heart.

You thought I would become you
And I almost did.
But then my soul is still alive
so this one last bid.

Though your veils are heavy
And I can no more feel
I am going to get naked
While you hold on to your veil.

Monday, May 21, 2007

After Thought

Ah! The world of after thought
A world sans any
'What ifs?', 'If only!', 'Oh my god!'

A world pretty and beautiful
A world of no pain
Nothing to be left undone
No loss and no gain.

No tears of hurt to shed
No bad words ever said
Loved ones not living apart
No one with a broken heart

Nothing evil anymore to desist
But then would the good exist?
For there would be no comparison
No value for virtue of reason.

Then there would be no temple
No priest or no lord
There would be no you or me
Nor would there be any god


You say that rose is red
And I claim its grey
Then we argue and fight
For nights and days
But neither of us realize
The cause of our anguish
The reason for our fight
That you saw it during day
And I in moonlit night.


In the garden of life as I lament
that path I havent been able to find
A path to follow till exit
into a world away from this grind.

I stop to think what if it happens
how would it then be?
I realize, then I would never know
what really is me?

it's in this search of the path
that I have experienced the joy
of exploring paths that otherwise
I would have never known.

it's in this effort of looking around
that I have found the esctasy of discovering
a lonely rose in a bush
of weeds all full blown.

Walking through muddy paths
I have seen me getting all dirty
And then those hard maddening rains
mother nature cleansing my body.

In the repeated failures
I have realized the value of tears
That victory brings in you
as you overcome your own fears.

Every small step that I have taken
either right or wrong
A learning it has been for me
I am writing my own song.

The more I am lost in this garden
I discover some more of myself
Being directionless does have a direction
That is from you to your real self.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Bright orange, dark maroon,
Shady red, yellow golden
Different colours, these tiny
These beauties in life garden.

That yellow one entices you
And you run to catch
But then her swiftness
A human hand cannot match.

Still you run after her
Trying to match the skill
And she keeps hopping around
Much against your will.

She doesnt give up nor you
Till your breath gives way
Victorious, she sits on top of you
"Come on! catch me, if you may"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Last Lullaby

The eyes have dried
For the tears are no more
The heart has emptied
For the feelings are no more.

A life as lifeless
As a pebble of stone
A mechanical being
Of pure flesh and bone.

Life no more holds promise
Dreams have left my shore
Heaven or hell after life
Make no difference anymore.

But still my angels
Messengers of merciless thee
Please listen to this last prayer
From the athiest in me.

Have meant nothing to any
Except those hands of love
That have rocked my cradle
And so I beg to you above

When those hands I no more feel
When your only gift you deny
Don't forget to put me to sleep
Sing to me one last lullaby.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Secondary Heart

Still remember the day
When your love walked off
Leaving you alone, crying
You confused and wondering
What went wrong?
You felt betrayed,
You felt cheated
You had loved purely
So you thought
And she also claimed
Pious was her heart.
But was it true love,
Have you ever thought?

For wasn’t the mind asking,
What next? Where do you go?
How do you keep her with you?
What if she would go?
Many if’s, many why’s, many what’s
The mind kept playing truant
You schemed, you planned,
how to get her to be yours?
Relations, boundaries, expectations
these started to grow
And then you wondered,
Cried like a baby,
How did this happen?
How could she go?

But my friend,
The truth that you ignored
True love flows from the heart
sans the might of mind
But in the world of man
The mind is the king,
he plays the primary part
And true love cannot flow,
from a secondary heart.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Everyday I stare out of the window
at those dark clouds
that seem ever so static,
stubborn and stoic,
Dark, ugly, threatening.

And they stare back at me
An equal vigour, but
with the satirical smile
as if echoing everything bad
present in my life
They threaten me, i am overwhelmed
They gather strength, i feel weaker
I try to see beyond,
but their density blocks,
the slimmest light ray possible.
The more I stare,
the denser they get.
The hopes of seeing the sunshine
Diminish by the second
Till i look closer and realize
The clouds are moving,
Slowly, ever so slowly.......

My Life

abra dabra dum dum
chin chin pum pum
blah bluh chiki chow
owan kuan chai che
bow dow pow show
da di da di da di dum

Words these......
meaningless, senseless, rhythmless
thoughtless, loveless, dreamless
my LIFE!!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Everyone says, do celebrate
for today, the 6th of May,
29 years back,
was my first birthday.

And I wonder…..

Trashed dreams and lost hopes
A weakened soul, a pathetic loser
That is all that I am
Should this embodiment of defeat
I celebrate?

I was born like the millions
that were born that day
What was new in it?
What was out of the way?
A year of untruth added,
A year of sins added,
Should these achievements of mine,
I celebrate?

A life of transition.....
purity to impurity,
innocence to cunningness,
love to lust,
good to evil.
Depraving by the day,
Corrupting by the day,
Should this life of mine
I celebrate?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where did I go wrong?

Love -
What a beautiful word
What a beautiful thought
What a beautiful dream
A word never to be honoured
A thought never to be truly felt
A dream never to be realized

How often, how many times
Have you and I utterred
Our undying love,
unconditional, unsullied, uncorrupted.
Yet, tied to the whims
conditional to what is comfortable -
to you.

I had somehow been living
Wretched or otherwise I never cared
Was happy even though fake
I had never dared
to bare my soul to myself
to let the feel of human touch
deep within my heart.

You came in, on your terms
You made me yours, on your terms
You said be mine, I abided
Now you say no more
You have to go, for
you cannot compromize
the beliefs and practices
With which you have been brought.
And I stare at you, in disbelief
Shattered, destroyed and crying.

Only question that encircles me
Only misery the engulfs me
Like you say,
if it wasnt my fault,
then why the hell am I suffering,
where did I go wrong?

Breathing You

As the last steps
Moved on to that stairs
Leading me into the plane
I switched off from the world,
But you.

I made myself comfortable
Bag, pillow and blanket in place
Switched on the TV
Relaxed myself from everything,
But you.

The plane took its flight
Delicious snacks got served
Nice food, lovely champagne
And an interesting movie
Was loving it and missing nothing,
But you.

The hotel room nice and comfortable
Have a TV, Kitchen, AC for company
Quiet hours for me to dwindle
Switch off from tensions at home,
But you.

You have been there With me,
running all over
in my mind, in my heart
Never thought I love you
So much, it hurts to be apart.
In these few hours,
I have realized
You are the air I breathe,
Death it would be,
Without you.