Monday, June 23, 2008

Khali lamhe...

Khali lamhe tere naam, tere liye
ke dil bheeg raha teri surat se;
Jo rehti hai zehan mein kahin,
uthal puthal chalti rehti yahin;
Ke tum ho jo ho; bas aur koi
aaye na aaye, jaaye na jaaye;
Mere liye toh tum nahin, koi nahin

Monday, June 16, 2008


Everywhere everytime, a shadow
Lingering with me forever,
Casting on my being an endless darkness

Been years since you captured
rendering me incomplete;
taking away from me my soul
corrupting the blood through the veins

A dual personality,
Me and him
you split me up.

One white and pure,
red like rose with love
that seeks to reach divine;
The other black, pitch black
threatening the other.
Ah! the lustful animal,
the devil.

How many fights more to fight
between me and me?
Where do the answers lie
annihilation or assimilation
of each other?

Oh you devil enough have I had
leave me now or take me away;

Friday, June 06, 2008

Where were you?

When among the ruins of my actions
Was my body breaking, shattering
Longing for a hand to hold one last time;
Oh! The hand that now is mine to hold,
Where were you?

When in the seeping chilling winds
Was I shivering, freezing
From the want of warmth of human touch;
Oh! The hug that warms my cold skin now,
Where were you?

When in the arid lands of wander
Was my skin peeling with simmering heat
That choked my throat into silence;
Oh! The nectar that now quenches my thirst,
Where were you?

When in the dark alleys of lust
Was my soul turning blackish red
From the dust of the sinful skin;
Oh! The light that clearly lights my path now,
Where were you?

When silence sometimes questioned
Was my heart seeking answers everywhere
For at rest was never my soul;
Oh! The answer now to all my questions,
Where were you?

When then do I get the answer
As my heart finally sees you
From the depth of depths it says;
Oh! every pain, every agony readied me for you,
that is where my love, were you.