Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Empty Commotion

A glimpse slowly trailing away
from the corner of the eye
disappearing into the dark silent lanes.
A moment, in just a tiny moment
time travelled backwards
sinking the heart, sinking the soul
Something stirred within that left numb
a feeling, an emotion untouched.
Questions flew, digging something deep
And then deeper than before.
For first time there were no answers
Nothing black, nothing white
Like a bolt from the blue.
Unexpected the frenzy, uninvited the pain
Something unfelt, something untouched
as heart and mind froze with commotion,
of too many things and yet a void.
Bottled up within, or already let out?
Confusion for no answers come forth
just a well building up in the eyes
and without a warning;
the tears flow.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Why did the gardener plant the rose?
Did it matter if the rose knew not?
For it wasn’t about the garden she worried,
in her own existence did she glow.

She smiled to innocent songs of the birds.
She played with the soft silky butterflies.
She danced with leaves that adorned her
and comforted the sulking thorns.

An existence that grew in self indulgence
she painted her world with red.
Beautiful and pleasant with cheerful playfulness
from the love and pride for one's self.

Why then did the wind choose otherwise?
Why then he called for her destruction?
One by one why did he wither away
her very delicate, very soft petals?

What sadistic pleasure did he get by destroying
the very existence of an innocent love?
What sinful pleasures did he enjoy by peeling
a lively being of her ever glowing skin?

And when he completely annihilated her
did he expect the fragrance to fade?
Or was he completely stupefied
as he watched the rosebud
bloom to life again?

Did he stare in disbelief
at his power rendered frivolous?
While the rosebud laughed and sang
a silent challenge -
"Come On, destroy me again".

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hai thandi hawayaen bahaar ki sehlaati
Ae jism ko jhulsaati jaalati luu;

Hai sawaan ki boondein pyaas bhujati
Ae tapish mosam-e-garma ki;

Hai phool khil rahe umeed ke aangan mein
Ae mayoos hui sooni banjarr zameen;

Hai roshan uske noor se mera ashiyaan
ae ghar mein basse andhere kamre;

Hai dil khil raha uski muskurahat se
ae yaadein un tanha asoouon ki;

Hai rooh mein doobi hui ab saansein uski
ae pal pal tadapti sisakti zindagi;