Saturday, January 24, 2009

The blood flows

His sunny day just turned dark
As the killers strolled in his park
Hitting him, maiming him, blow by blow
Till his soft blood began to flow.

You infidel will have to pay for sins
In destroying you; our belief wins
When and how we hit; you will never know
Everywhere your sinful blood will flow.

Sinful for not being them; he wondered
Where in his birth had he blundered?
A small child was he; didn't they know
Why did they want his blood to flow?

Soon the fourth estate gained control
Zoom in, zoom out, the child has a role
A day-night affair, fodder for show
For some more time the blood should flow.

Meanwhile the guardians claimed revenge
Every injury, every hurt to be avenged
Lord Bush patiently will listen to our woe
Enough! No more will the blood flow.

The neighbours began to chant peace
Claimed to suffer from same disease
Talks and discussions now the new show
And the blood continued to flow.

You and I were outraged, very angry
Enough we had; enough of modesty.
But they say time heals; and so
In the memory did the blood flow.

Last heard, the child is up and running
Has started to play, his pain is regressing.
The child is resilient; has overcome the blow
For his blood has dried from the flow.

And now, we are back to being we
Showmans us all, we wait to see
When the killers strike another blow
Another child's blood to flow.