Thursday, April 26, 2007


Sitting on the lakeside
One fine afternoon
I picked up a few stones
And starting throwing them
The first one went in,
A few ripples and,
the lake got quiet again.
same repeated a few more times
The faster I threw,
Bigger the ripple, and
slower it’s restoration of normalcy.
The ripples grew farther and wider
As I kept throwing bundles of stones together
Some kind of sadistic pleasure it was
Some kind of animalistic enjoyment it was
Relentless I, Relentless lake
This turned into a fight of supremacy
Till I heard a voice scream from somewhere
STOP, Please……


Man -
The inventor, The explorer,
The conqueror, The giver.
He is proud of his might
Flies high on the fantasy flight
He holds that glittering trophy
Of triumph over his destiny

Man –
The user, The worker,
The follower, The receiver
He is weak, trying to meet ends
Day and night his back he bends
He loathes in depravity
Of misery that is his destiny.

But fools both, that is how I see
The truth they both don’t see
In The river of life
Boats don’t move, they drift
And the mover is only that one source
The mover he, the drifters we
Ah, mere drifters we,
All drifters we.

Just A Thought

I stared at the sun
Till the rays almost blinded me
“The brightness doesn’t suit me,
I don’t belong here”
So I thought

I stared at the moon
Till the dullness bored me
“The darkness doesn’t suit me,
I don’t belong here”
So I thought

Then I closed my eyes
And stared at the darkness
That led me into the brightness
That lived in my heart
“Yes this suits me fine,
I belong here”
So I thought
Or rather….
So I THINK !!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sometimes hands, the other times arms
And then the troublesome back
Here and there, now and then
They form shape.
An old wound or a flare
Or that allergy unknown

All they do is to make me fret
I fume, I anger, I wail
And then I vent my ire
Rub and scratch till it soothes
Only to flare again.
The more I scratch,
The more it grows
And more our intensity
Of outdoing each other.
Till the time comes when he
Grins and triumphs,
Laughing aloud over his prize -
my bloodied skin
And I watch mute,
Totally petrified.

Monday, April 23, 2007


The clouds grow thicker, darker
Engulfing the sun, hiding the last rays
From my face,
Darkness looms large.

Confusion prevails, fear grips,
And slowly the drops descend
One, two, three….the counting starts
Till I loose all count.

The lightening strikes, blinding me
The thunder roars, deafening me
The rains grow heavier,
The eyes, face and body bathe
And the soul begins to wet.

Soon, the roads get flooded,
I trudge along, forcing myself
The gushing water threatens to drown me
I struggle harder, knowing nowhere
I am going, directionless…..

And then……….
the rain begins to relent,
the clouds give way,
and the sun rays warm my face.

Rains have cleansed me,
Lightened my heart
And I savor the sun light
These moments few,
Till it rains again

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No Mind

Whenever in the quieter hours of the mind
I talk to my heart.
I see him quietly weeping,
the tears of black colored blood.

He mourns the death of the child
Of innocence that once was him
When he didn’t know what was mind,
unaware of the tricks up his sleeve.

The blood in his veins then
Was shining pure red
For love sans any motives
Was filling his whole self

Then came the devil called the mind
And he started to take control
Every feeling, every act corrupted
The blood was pure red no more.

Now no amount of weeping will help
For even the tears are driven by the mind
And the heart wails for the time
Filled with nothingness but peace
A time when there is no mind.


I was born tall,
Well above the rest,
A free spirit of joy
Free from expectations,
of mine and others.
Till the world took over
And I began to dwarf.

Parents wanted me to stand,
firm on my feet
Sister wanted to see,
salutes for me to greet
Friends wanted me to rise,
win many a prize.
I wanted all of it
Didn’t want to miss a bit
And I began to dwarf

Every step I took,
Towards that dreamland
Of fame, power and money
A little bit of me
I sold for a penny.
Cut, sliced and decorated
I kept my being for sale.
And I began to dwarf.

Now, neither that dreamland
Nor do I see that infant
Dwarfed, I am struggling
To withstand the weight
of the world and of myself.
The infant cries out, pushes
Wants to be tall again
But alas! Not anymore
for I am dwarfed.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Silver Lining

Many a times has this been said before
And so shall I repeat
Whatever happens, happens for good
Sometimes, there is victory in defeat

These clouds of gloom you see
Dark, ugly and threatening
But my friend don’t forget
Every cloud has a silver lining

The sun has to come out
If not today but one day
For change is what life is about
Nothing remains the same way.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Going Back

Slipping through my hands
Slowly you are
Baby steps away from me
Walking you are

The more you slip
Tighter my grip
Farther you go away
Glued my feet stay

Times of happiness
Slowly I see ending
Back into emptiness
My life is drifting

Monday, April 09, 2007

Mr Priest

That man -
       Bald head and saffron veil,
       The beard of grey zeal,
       White gown head to heels.
HE is the messenger of God
So he proclaims;
Thus his lordship says
       “You are insignificant, sinful and ignorant
       But I pure, pious and benevolent;
       I am THE chosen one, do as I say
       Close your eyes and follow me
       I will lead you into the right way”
You hold his hands with the hope
That cleansed of all sins one fine day,
Heaven will knock at your door.
And so you begin to pray
       “My lord take me into your fold
       This is my hand, please hold
       And here’s a green note for your hive
       In case you need food to survive”

Thus begins the business of faith
Of selling piousness off the shelf
Of rituals and rites for greater self
But that greatness never in sight
He never intended to, you never see the light
Your earlier sins were never wiped
Yes a few added and a few swiped.
And then again his lordship proclaims
       “You are insignificant, sinful and ignorant
       But I pure, pious and benevolent;
       I am THE chosen one, do as I say
       Close your eyes and follow me
       I will lead you into the right way”