Monday, October 15, 2007

Red Cloth

Red cloth hidden beneath
the carpet of black noise.

Noise that echoes nothing else
but the songs of silence.

Silence that speaks a thousand words
of lies camouflaged as truth.

Truth that eyes see but accept
only the images of the mind.

Mind that conjures up a world
that is slaved to perception.

Perception corrupted by experiences
that ages of masking teaches life.

Life that threatens extinction of soul
lost to the veils of man's lust.

Lust that grows to an obsession
deriving pleasure out of your dead skin.

Skin that hides itself from the chill
from which saved me my white cloth.

Cloth that you snatched away and stained
with the red blood of my being.

Being that now in vain cries
"Give my white cloth back"

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Devil

Always feeds on me,
A parasite eating into me
And I let him do so
Knowingly, and
at times unknowingly,
though I very well know;
Like a leech sucking me,
he never leaves.

He makes me do things
Mean, sinful and evil;
And times a little good,
a good that is more evil,
than evil himself can be,
For the devil grows bigger;
Stronger every second,
holds me captive,
he never leaves.

Detest him with all my heart,
I honestly do.
Yet he lives with me,
has captured by home.
Even though I want to throw him out
He wouldn't go;
For I pull him back,
back into me.
But then I pull nothing,
for he never leaves.

Everywhere the eyes run,
he stands tall, mocking;
Everything the hands try reaching,
he feels first, snatching;
Everywhere the legs climb,
he follows, shadowing.
I push him away, spit at him
he laughs aloud, doesn't budge;
he never leaves.

Inside deep within me,
he plays unabated, runs around
Outside of me he blinds
my every action, every sound;
My existence slaved, identity bleeds
While this devil, my ego;
he never leaves.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


In silence, gratification of soul
a celeberation of self one feels;
Yet the ears long to hear
meaningless words that someone speaks.

Enjoying the closed doors lonliness
the space belongs to you and just you;
Yet a possession of nothingness
this sense haunts every second new.

Pride in a life lived by will
of rules followed of none but own;
Yet a direction lost to time
long tiresome walk on a path unknown.

Doesn't matter how world perceives
for the "I" stands tall;
Yet the hands reach out to hold someone
saviour from that inevitable fall.

Darkness is a friend for life
care not for brightness anymore;
Yet the eyes keep staring at
that conspiciously fated open door.