Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chewing Gum

There it was freshly wrapped in beautiful cover
At peace with it’s existence in serene isolation.
She was thirsty and hungry, feeling much lower
Trying to save herself from starvation.

Then she found it, the chewing gum
And the eyes sparkled with hope.
Quickly uncovered it with hands numb
And gobbled it up like an addict on dope.

The chewing gum found joy and happiness
For it got some purpose in its existence
It knew the joy of giving sweetness
Happiness through one’s own severance.

She chewed on to it and felt the sweetness
And slowly her endurance gained
She found some satisfaction and fulfillness
Hunger and thirst no more pained

Time moved on, things started to change
Thirst satisfied, the taste began to wane.
Sweetness no more existed, it felt very strange
And she spit it out, threw it like a pain.

Now it lies there in that filthy dustbin
Open to dangerous insects devouring.
Questioning grin it gives me as I peep in
Do you see yourself in me? Is it scaring?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Vicious Circles

There she is enticing you
Stripping slowly and teasing you.
You run after her in the hope
To grab, hold with strong rope.

Different forms, different sizes
In some unique ways she entices.
Takes away your sleep and peace
Dreams you weave of going to Greece.

Green in colour, a fresh huge bundle
She takes the form you can’t handle.
More is never enough you know
You Loose sleep over inflow-outflow.

That seat of gold, that glittering crown
She beckons you and makes you frown.
Filled with thorns this seat of glitter
You end up nowhere, not even in gutter.

Accolades and praise is another seduction
Run if you may from this addiction.
It eats into you and you become a victim
Of what they want and follow their dictum.

Then she takes the form you just can’t resist
She gets naked, and as much you desist
You loose your complete senses
Lust overcomes you and breaks your fences.

This is how she makes you run to cave
She your owner and you her lifeless slave.
You loose all that you have in this chase
And you are trapped in a closed maze.

Life becomes a maze of lost hopes and dreams
You left alone, no one to hear your hollow screams.
You keep running around in circles, devious
These circles of greed, ah! How vicious.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Man and women and this earth
Sex the genesis of nature, everyone’s birth.
Both attract each other, isn’t it quite natural
But what separates unnatural from supernatural?

Man sees a woman and she sees a man
The eyes meet and there’s some plan.
He wants her under his body
She wants to have fun if she isn’t moody.

Both get a chance and the sparks start flying
She is hungry for him and he is already dying.
Devoid of feelings the body becomes actor
Both become heartless, feelings never a factor.

She doesn’t love him and he doesn’t even care
It is just the hunger of body laid totally bare.
They eat into each other, the animal totally out
Sex becomes just an act, as if a wrestling bout.

When the animal takes over your mind and soul
It is lust my friend and body becomes the only goal.
You degrade yourself to a level totally inhuman
Sex plays havoc and you a slave of hymen.

Chained Hearts

How does one explain what attracts
me to you and you to me.
Is this how the almighty distracts
us from what it has to be?

We claim love for each other
and trust in between.
That it will last like this forever
but that too is unforeseen.

You say I am your life, your world
without me you are incomplete.
But you are someone else’s bird
living in nest with love replete.

I claim to find in you my happiness
my peace of mind
But why then am I living in sadness
why life’s become a grind?

You say you can’t leave your nest
lived in it for years.
In what promise does future rest
just loneliness and tears.

What my future is, am not certain
can’t promise anything
When God puts down my curtain
you will be left with nothing.

What kind of love is this, I wonder
its more of a transaction
You want security, a need provider
and I want satisfaction.

But then this bond is still strong
howsoever confusing
Both willing to let it prolong
till it gets unnerving.

How long we live like this, never part
me and you.
From these chains wrapped around my heart
and yours too.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Beautiful Night

Just I and you, you and I
And that starry, night sky
When we for once became one
A new I was born, his life begun.

Door opened and you let me in
Our eyes met and the fear of cardinal sin.
Sitting apart, the deliberate distance
Our feelings put under resistance.

Your strings kept pulling you back
I didn’t want to corner you in rack.
This is not right, that is wrong
Pretending innocence we played along.

We held hands, comforted each other
Fear we hoped, would no more bother.
A few drinks, some normal chat
And closer we came, just like that.

The first hug and our lips kissed
We held on together lest we missed.
All those times, the moments wasted
In accepting what we hadn’t accepted.

I resisted for I wasn’t sure
Lest you thought this wasn’t pure.
Influence of alcohol I wanted to avoid
The pain would have left a big void.

You held on, your eyes said everything
It was going to be all or nothing.
We wanted each other once for all
Held on together and broke the wall.

Passions grew and we got intense
Love took over and broke pretense.
Our bodies met, we felt each other
In union as one, we stayed together.

That night for life I will cherish
Fond memories without any blemish.
For I know it was love not lust
Pure like a new born sans any rust.

For once in my life I felt complete
Even I was human not just meat.
Doesn’t matter if you are not to be mine
For me this love will remain divine.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Never Walk Away

The first day I saw you
Sitting on the edge of that table
Eyes down, lost in your thoughts
My heart for once wasn’t stable.

The first hello on that busy street
Walking past me as you did
Time it was for celebrations
And a joyous, momentous treat.

That hi through the chat window
A small formal correspondence
That smiley then broke the barrier
And we came out of our shadow.

We clicked so fast at the speed of sound
Ideas and thoughts just flowed
Moments of joys and sorrows we shared
And in trust and faith we were bound.

On this special day as I remember
Of the time that has gone by
A beautiful dream it seems to me
Wish it stays the same, forever.

I can not talk of others my dear
Don’t know how much they value
But to me you are special
Locked in my heart, you are near.

Come what may, through night and day
We will wait to see the sun shine
On this special day, this is a promise
From you; I will never walk away