Friday, September 14, 2007

The Window View

The sun is sleeping
Covered behind the quilt of clouds;
Quiet. Silent.

Buildings hide my view
Concrete jungles these;
Magnificient. Monsterous.

Trees call out the name
Overlooking their own world;
Majestic. Beautiful.

Blend is perfect but something amiss
Static trees. Static air. Nothing moves;
Lifeless. Stale.

What misses yet pierces through?
Soul contemplating nothingness;
Mute. Thirst.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Soldier Says

(Today is my last day in the current company)

A dream carpeted under their lust
Scattered, supressed, delinquished.
A future blackened by their ambition
Coloured, muddled, defeated.

Carry on bearing the torch of their ego
Till it burns your hand and your being
Ashes will remain of the self that was
Cry and fret as much, no one is seeing.

Walked a thousand miles and tired
Your legs give in to defeat
And then the wind changes direction
History after all does repeat.

So yet another defying moment
Written on the pages of history
As another soldier moves on
Towards a new goal, a new mystery.

But before the final step he takes
Gratitute expresses itself in eyes
For the wonderful love you gave
Stays forever even though time flies.

So this is what the soldier says
As the water under the bridge flows
"Remember me, my friend
Never say Adios".

Monday, September 10, 2007


Faint memories still linger,
Of the times when the child
danced in your lap,
kissed your red cheeks,
Hung on tightly, felt you.
A beautiful dream,
A beautiful being,
Uncorrupted. Unsullied.

But always a simmering undercurrent
As time progressed,
the fresh air became stale.
Their lust never waned, only grew
Your face, your breasts, your bossom
An obsession, a perversion.

The joyful dance was cut short,
Wonder years lost to
Blood, gore, rape and destruction
A new essence of life dawned
Meaningless, directionless.
A black hole staring into infinity.

Roses began to grow cactus
The fertile body became arid,
Devoid of life, devoid of hope
The pieces lay scattered everywhere
All around nothing but annhilation.

Slowly the pieces were stiched together
Away from your grace and your love.
Life started to ensemble,
the leftover debris.

And you, my mother
Repeatedly cut by those demons,
Repeatedly raped every night,
Your wails echo, as you silently cry
But no one cares, shamelessly
neither do I.

A Beautiful Lie

The mirror is drunk, it blurs
it shows twins
Purity masks the sins.

The lips dont listen, they blabber
something innocous,
Speaking heart is dangerous.

The Road is treacherous, it betrays
smiles hide the sigh
Walk your muddy head held high.

Break the mirror a thousand pieces
Thread these lips forever,
Burn the treacherous road to ashes,
Set me free I want to fly,
Tell me a beautiful lie.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Droplets of soul trickle down
through the fingers,
Drying the veins a little more
As the camouflage of skin blends deeper,
occupying nothingness.

Bones crack, then join again to a symphony
That arm of life plays with heart of death
Sometimes singing to the perfect tune of pain
In rhythm of waves of sadness,
that Wet the shores of the oceanic heart
And at times,
Weeping to the esctasy of victory, a moment
To be lived and then forgotten again

A walk through the jungles of lonliness
Where the wild succumb to the domesticated
And where the good gets evil,
More evil that evil himself can be
And at times,
A stationary blob, staring into that wall
Though visible yet an infinity
of mirages and melanges,
of hues and cries,
of solitude and companionship.

Pendulum swings from left to right
or is it back and forth
But doesnt matter, or rather it does
For the direction of air changes
The staleness remains.
Breathing it, feeling it, letting it seep
exfoliating the soul further,
only to add another layer

A Seeker of something not seen,
But something called own
Seeking what? If only I had known.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Last Man Standing

Blood colours the land with red
Mutiliated bodies decorate these ruins;
hear the silence cry.

Comrades and friends lost to gore
Every bullet piercing another heart;
see through the blinded eye.

Air smells of decay as the corpses live
No human nor animal in sight;
talk to yourself a beautiful lie.

Blood oozes out of fresh wounds of victory
No win or loss, the pain feels no more;
drag on till you sigh.

Thunderous claps welcome the hero
The victor, the last man standing;
Or, the next one to die.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Woh lagate hai kafir ka ilzaam humpe
Taane bhi bahut kaste hai

Hum Bhut parast, badakhuar, nafarmaan
Hamare khoon ke woh pyase rehte hai

Dekh ke hamari khana badhoshi ko
Khoon ke aansu woh peete hai

Jigar jalta hai, dhuan uthta hai
Hamari mayyat ke woh dua karte hai

Dekh kar hamare kate kafn ko
Woh apne naye kapdon se dhool mitate hai

Gehnoh ke chaka chaund se woh
Roshni hamari kamm karna chahte hai

Kyun hum fikr karen guroor ka inke betaab
jab hamaam mein sab nange hote hai.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Through the debris of hopes and dreams
Ages of coma slowly gave way
From The darkness plunged into stealth
A small creek left open
And a small ray of light seeped through.

Stale cells lifeless, blind for years
Slowly opened eyes to the world
Deafening noise of the silence
Slowly but surely weaknened
With every crackle of the echoing laughter.

Fortress of practised yet fake strength
Could see the wind, the rain seeping through
Cracking centuries of laboured power
Weakness was never as empowering
For once the blackness went blue.

Rains wetted the weathered dry skin
Zephyr kissed the soul for the first time
Scorching hot sun gave way to warmth of spring
In the Freedom of those captive arms
Just a year, but lived a lifetime.