Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Through the sands of time
I tried to wade
Held on to them for all I could
Slipped they, and I paid

Searching answers to questions unknown
My flight of dreams grounded.
Nothingness remained staring at me
And I was left dumbfounded

Now, I stand inbetween the two unknowns
Reasons of past, the uncertain future.
Confused and lifeless my present, wondering
Am I a wooden piece or living creature?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shadow in the dark

The sun ray scares me as I look out
Through that small opening on the wall.
Built with bricks hardened over time
In comfort of darkness, I hidden from all.

These rays of light make me uneasy
For I fear they are having a lark.
I am scared of this person unknown
This shadow of me in the dark.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Masked Man

In the mirror I see the masked man,
A complete stranger.
Staring at me gives me a wry smile,
"Searching something brother?"
Familiar voice this, I heard before,
And I realize something amiss.
I try to remove the mask
Wanting to find out who is this.

I unmask him with anticipation
Only to be greeted by another one.
Again he gives the same wry smile,
"There are many, not just one".
Challenge accepted, I begin the task
Of unmasking this stranger.
One after the other I let them out
Till I see the sign of danger.

This ugly skull made of bones and no skin,
Shock running down my spine.
Could this be him i didnt know of,
Or is this whole being mine?
Confused and puzzled I am left to wonder
Is this the truth that I now see.
Did I loose him out there somewhere?
Or could this be the real me?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Take Me Home

Smoky chambers and wavering steps,
the music deafning.
Morning breeze and feeling fresh
the mountains inviting.
I dont belong here,
Friend! Take me home.

Swanky cars and latest gadgets,
the career leap.
Mother's lap and her embrace,
the serene sleep.
I dont belong here,
Mother! Take me home.

Career race and the backstabbing,
the ideals dead.
Principled life and honest living,
the truth unsaid.
I dont belong here,
Father! Take me home.

Naked bodies and lust glorified,
the soul dying.
Freed souls and greed killed,
the love purifying.
I dont belong here,
Lord! Take me home.

In Wain

What fills thy heart
this mortal wudnt know.
Of what thy imagines
pictures thee wudn't show.

Thee smiles in mystery
confuses this poor soul.
Questions she asks me
what is my role?

Thou coldness is chilling
seeps thru my heart.
Love for me dying
tears my soul apart.

Thy heart of stone
break can anyone not.
She knows no feelings
love left to rot.

Thy heart seems melted
thee crying in pain.
Love doesn't die easily
me imagining in wain.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wishful Thinking

In despair your life is,
and you wail and cry.
But still you live with it
never force yourself to try.

You wait for some miracle,
and help from divine.
Find answers in the oracle,
when in you, resides THINE.

The sun rises and beckons you
but you dont want to go.
In darkness your comfort lies,
the truth you never want to know.

Following paths ladden before
never made or tread on something new.
Now standing in middle of nowhere
you hope the wind to move you.

The new paths are less trodden
And alone you will have to tread.
You can’t keep waiting for that call,
the ring of phone long dead.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Free Bird

A free bird, I hear her singing,
songs of happiness and freedom.
She knows nothing of what is binding,
no kings nor queens nor fiefdom.
She knows the joy of just flying,
soaring into the deep blue sky.
Fluttering her wings, energy undying
her spirit flows high and high.
Towards the sun her soul soars,
searching for the divine.
In hope her innocent pride roars,
longing for them to interwine.

A free bird once, I hear her singing,
songs of sadness and slavery.
Caged in iron grill,her spirit dying,
held captive by those unsavoury.
Her flight of freedom was an eyesore,
so her wings were clipped.
Bound by strings she could move no more,
and in despair her soul dipped.
Her songs lost the beauty, the grace,
shorten did they her sojourn.
No more beautiful but an ugly disgrace,
left alone but herself to mourn.