Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chewing Gum

There it was freshly wrapped in beautiful cover
At peace with it’s existence in serene isolation.
She was thirsty and hungry, feeling much lower
Trying to save herself from starvation.

Then she found it, the chewing gum
And the eyes sparkled with hope.
Quickly uncovered it with hands numb
And gobbled it up like an addict on dope.

The chewing gum found joy and happiness
For it got some purpose in its existence
It knew the joy of giving sweetness
Happiness through one’s own severance.

She chewed on to it and felt the sweetness
And slowly her endurance gained
She found some satisfaction and fulfillness
Hunger and thirst no more pained

Time moved on, things started to change
Thirst satisfied, the taste began to wane.
Sweetness no more existed, it felt very strange
And she spit it out, threw it like a pain.

Now it lies there in that filthy dustbin
Open to dangerous insects devouring.
Questioning grin it gives me as I peep in
Do you see yourself in me? Is it scaring?


LeoGirl said...

beautiful poetry :)

enigma said...

Thanks leogirl :)

Anonymous said...

Too good...Amazing mix of words..
n that abt chewing gum,deep thoughts work :-)

enigma said...

Hi Anonymous,

Who are you? Where u the one who posted the comment on Never Walk Away poem ?

Thanks though for reading as well as encouraging :-)