Thursday, November 02, 2006

Never Walk Away

The first day I saw you
Sitting on the edge of that table
Eyes down, lost in your thoughts
My heart for once wasn’t stable.

The first hello on that busy street
Walking past me as you did
Time it was for celebrations
And a joyous, momentous treat.

That hi through the chat window
A small formal correspondence
That smiley then broke the barrier
And we came out of our shadow.

We clicked so fast at the speed of sound
Ideas and thoughts just flowed
Moments of joys and sorrows we shared
And in trust and faith we were bound.

On this special day as I remember
Of the time that has gone by
A beautiful dream it seems to me
Wish it stays the same, forever.

I can not talk of others my dear
Don’t know how much they value
But to me you are special
Locked in my heart, you are near.

Come what may, through night and day
We will wait to see the sun shine
On this special day, this is a promise
From you; I will never walk away


Anonymous said...

You NEVER know, when one walks away.
So with every 'so pure' feeling in your heart, be ready to face any uncertainity.

You may claim that you will not walk away, but you don't know when you HAVE TO. So do not make promises. It is difficult to face the situation when that promise breaks.

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