Friday, November 10, 2006

Beautiful Night

Just I and you, you and I
And that starry, night sky
When we for once became one
A new I was born, his life begun.

Door opened and you let me in
Our eyes met and the fear of cardinal sin.
Sitting apart, the deliberate distance
Our feelings put under resistance.

Your strings kept pulling you back
I didn’t want to corner you in rack.
This is not right, that is wrong
Pretending innocence we played along.

We held hands, comforted each other
Fear we hoped, would no more bother.
A few drinks, some normal chat
And closer we came, just like that.

The first hug and our lips kissed
We held on together lest we missed.
All those times, the moments wasted
In accepting what we hadn’t accepted.

I resisted for I wasn’t sure
Lest you thought this wasn’t pure.
Influence of alcohol I wanted to avoid
The pain would have left a big void.

You held on, your eyes said everything
It was going to be all or nothing.
We wanted each other once for all
Held on together and broke the wall.

Passions grew and we got intense
Love took over and broke pretense.
Our bodies met, we felt each other
In union as one, we stayed together.

That night for life I will cherish
Fond memories without any blemish.
For I know it was love not lust
Pure like a new born sans any rust.

For once in my life I felt complete
Even I was human not just meat.
Doesn’t matter if you are not to be mine
For me this love will remain divine.


Anonymous said...

PHEWWWW!!!! BOY OH BOY!!!!! a lil too personal to be on a public blog??? But must say, EXTREMELY well written :)

Anonymous said...

I must say that the moment I read this poem, I instantly felt a connection to not just your inner most feelings but also a better insight to the poet in you! This poem comes alive and transposes the reader like noother. Fact or Fiction - Can't tell but all said and done I am sure these are treasured memories to individuals who have been there at some time in their lives and can connect the way I did! This poem bought back memories of days gone by for me and a certain "Beautiful Night" that I experienced down memory lane! Good Work!